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Twin Falls 2004 Glacier National Park

Note: It is a very short distance off the trail to Upper Two Medicine Lake that a few minutes to check out the falls on the way up as thight can be very harsh on these falls. Thjis would be the time to have a true wide angle lens to capture both falls as you can't back up very far.

Twin Falls Trail is 0.9 Miles from the boat dock at the end of Two Medicine Lake; 3.8 miles from the South Shores Trailhead at the head of Two Medicine Lake and 3.4 miles by way of the North Shore Trail which starts after crossing the outlet to Pray Lake in the Two Medicine Campground. North Shore and boat dock routes gain 75 feet. South Shore Trails gains about 350 feet which it then drops when traversing across of Sinopah. This is a moderate hike. Hiked this June 8, 2013 no snow on the North Shore Trail route and none from the boat dock. In early June of 2013 the falls are in full flow with a few flowers blooming along the trail. There are Ranger Led Hikes using Glacier Boat that go to Twin Falls and Upper Two Medicine Lake. It can easy if you take Glacier Boat from Two Medicine. When I hiked this on Labor Day Weekend in 2004 there were mushrooms everywhere along the trail. In 2004 both of the Twin Falls were choked by fallen trees. The photo above is of the left fall of Twin Falls. It had been a wet summer so water flow was higher than normal for this time of year.

Pumpelly Pillar Twin Falls  Trail glacier national park

From the boat dock at the end of Two Medicine Lake this is a very easy hike. First part of the trail is through the woods which then opens up into a meadow with a view of Pumpelly Pillar. I may be crazy but Dawson Pass, not Pumpelly Pillar, is on my list of hikes to attempt this summer. From what I can gather it will be brutal. Mary Rhinehart's 1916 book, Through Glacier Park shows this same meadow with a view of Pumpelly Pillar. The trees in the foreground were considerably smaller.

mushroom twin falls trail 2004 after wet summer in glacier park