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Sperry Chalet Trail, Mount Brown Lookout Trail, Snyder Lake Trail and Fish Lake Trail Topo Map
USGS Lake McDonald East Quadrangle
missing Mount Cannon Quadrangle
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Park at the Lake McDonald Lodge parking area on the lakeside of Going to the Sun Road. The trails all start directly across from the parking area. Sperry Chalet Trail is brutal, Mount Brown is the steepest day hike in the park, Snyder is a strenuous hike, Fish Lake is a moderate hike. Sperry Chalet Trail is in actuality a horse trail masquerading as a hikers trail. Lots of horse and mule traffic on this trail. This is an important trail to keep your own hiking pace, and not be lured into hiking faster then you can comfortably maintain. This is the only trail in the park that has water available for free at the end plus food. (Granite Park Chalet sells food and water Sperry Chalet sells food and water but has tap water available outside.) This hike is 6.4 miles ONE Way with 3,432 feet of elevation gain. DON'T try this as your first hike in the park! Mount Brown Lookout Trail is 5.3 miles, ONE Way, elevation gain 4,325 feet.

Mount Brown, (red) Snyder Lake (yellow), Fish Creek (blue) and Sperry Chalet (violet) all use the same (tan) trail for the first two miles.

sperry chalet topo

Mount Brown branches off first, to the north, followed very closely by Snyder Lake Trail. The trail then goes down a short way to Crystal Ford which has a new bridge built in October of 2006. The park was very lucky that it didn't wash away in November of 2006. After crossing at Crystal Ford the Sperry Chalet Trail goes to the left the Fish Lake Trail goes straight ahead.

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