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Piegan Pass Trail Topo Maps
USGS Logan Pass & Many Glacier Quadrangles
Please note that at Feather Plume Falls I have marked the Many Glacier Topo map to follow the trails that go along Grinnell Lake, Lake Josephine & Swiftcurrent Lakes.
Remember this is a long trail ~ 12.8 miles from Siyeh Bend to Many Glacier Hotel.
The trail gains 1,750 feet, & drops 2,640 feet. From the Siyeh Bend parking area you can see the Piegan Pass Trail traverse across Cataract Mountain. USGS topo maps are from South to North, Siyeh Bend is the southern end of this segment of the trail. I always hike one way trails to minimize the uphill climb & maximize the downhill treck. If your knees don't like this approach then start the one way trails at the other end.

The Piegan Pass Trail is my favorite of the trails that cross the continental divide. The Siyeh Bend Cut Off Trail/Piegan Pass Trail is a wonderful trail, the first time I hiked to Preston Park I was amazed at how easy it was to get to the plateau at the trail crossroad for Piegan Pass Trail & The Sunrift Gorge Trail. Just after the trail crossroad you will come to a clearing were you can see almost the entire way to Piegan Pass. It is the only pass trail that I know of in Glacier Park that has no switchbacks. Remember unless you are outfitted with a ice axe & know how to use it, you do NOT want to start on this trail if there is any snow across the trail. Many a hiker has been seriously injured sliding down the scree slope after slipping on snow covering the trail.

2008 Schedule for GPI EastSide Shuttle from Many Glacier to St Mary Visitor Center.

This hike ends at Many Glacier for a cold & windy Thanksgiving sunrise view of Many Glacier Hotel & Swiftcurrent Lake.

Click on the topo map at the hiker icons to see pics of the trail signs at that point on the trail.

topo map piegan pass east side Trail sign distance to many glacier hotel trail sign north and south shore lake josephine trail sign swiftcurrent lake topo map piegan pass east side piegan Pass Trail junction with Grinnell Lake Trail Photo of Grinnell lake Trail sign boat dock
topo map piegan pass west side sign for piegan pass trail junction with siyeh bend trail topo map piegan pass west side topo map piegan pass at Siyeh Bend topo map piegan pass trail junction sign with siyeh cut off trail

many glacier thanksgiving sunrise 2004