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Iceberg Lake Trail Topo Map
USGS Many Glacier Quadrangle
Note: Follow the yellow brick road (car) to the unmarked (on this topo map) small parking area for Iceberg Trail. Turn right after the Swiftcurrent General Store/Restaurant and proceed to the parking area on your left.

topo many glacier

Iceberg Trail after the initial climb from the parking lot to the trail proper is a fairly gentle upward climb. Just after passing Ptarmigan Falls the trails split, Iceberg Trail continues on straight & Ptarmigan Trail starts a more rapid elevation gain. This is an important trail to keep your own hiking pace, & not be lured into hiking faster then you can comfortably maintain. About 14 years ago I hiked this trail with a friend from out of town who was greatly bothered by bugs, we didn't stop until we got to the lake. When we got back to my car I had to be helped into the seat as I couldn't lift my legs. A lesson that I would rather not have learned so painfully.

topo iceberg lake trail west side