USGS Grinnel from 1938 to 2006
USGS Swiftcurrent Glacier from 1900 to 2006


There are several glaciers that are visible from day hikes, it is my goal to photograph these glaciers every year, if my legs hold out, until the glaciers are no longer glaciers. At this point I have not been able to get a hold of a current list of glaciers in Glacier Park, the list that I have is 10 years old.

This composite image is from the USGS
The circa 1900 photo by Matthes,
courtesy of Glacier National Park Archives

The USGS is doing a study of the vanishing glaciers, part of the study involves photographing glaciers from the same location as their were photographed in the early days of Glacier National Park. The USGS calls this the repeat photo series.

Swiftcurrent Glacier 2007 from Swiftcurrent Pass Trail.
I'm going to try and get a photograph of the day hike accessible glaciers every year.

swiftcurrent glacier 2007