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East Side Shuttle Service interval
is scheduled to be 45 min to 60 minutes between shuttles

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Transfer Point to GPI Shuttle

On the west side starts at 7:30 AM for the Logan Express!
Express shuttle service direct from the Apgar Transit Center to Logan Pass (without intermediate stops) departs at 7:30am.
Regular service starts at 8:00 am on the west side. One the east side shuttle service starts at 7:30 AM.
Shuttle Starts July 1, 2013 and runs through September 2, 2013

Well it looks like this year you will be able to get to Logan Pass earlier by shuttle from the east then the west. In theory both sides of GTSR have construction zones but the east side is in Phantom of Opera mode at least as of 6-23-13. I expect sometime this summer that will change and the east side zone will appear overnight. If you plan on using the East Side Shuttle you will need lots of patience.
This shuttle stop has some protection from wind and rain. The St Mary Visitor Center is the largest of the Visitor Centers in Glacier Park. During the summer they offer a free bear spray clinic usually at 2 pm ~ 7 days a week. The backcountry permit office is located just behind the meet and greet desk. As with all of the other Visitor Centers there is a small bookstore. Restrooms are located just outside the front entrance. It is also the Transfer Point to GPI Shuttle! Sometimes the staff know about the GPI shuttle other times they are completely unaware if its existence. GPI shuttle are white vans some have a shuttle sign on the front of the van, when in overflow mode the backups do not always have this sign. As of last summer, 2012, if the GNP Shuttle was not in the Shuttle Stop space then GPI Shuttle would be there waiting for or dropping off passengers. GPI Shuttle fee is $10.00 cash only! Otherwise they dropped off at the front entrance to the shuttle. If you are by yourself DON'T go inside to ask about the shuttle as my youngest managed to miss the shuttle that way!

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