Gunsight Pass Trail Shuttle Stop

Gunsight Pass Trail Shuttle Stop Info

Water No
Toilets No
Food No
Information No
Trails Yes
Shopping No

GNP Shuttle Map

The Gunsight Pass Trail Shuttle Stop is located next to wilderness.
For fast hikers this is a full day hike for slow hikers this is a multi day hike.

The hike to Gunsight Lake is not very strenuous and brings you closer to the Jackson ~ Blackfoot Glacier and crosses several streams with peaks through the trees to distant vistas. The view when you finally get to Gunsight Lake is very impressive but to get the full effect you need to cross the creek and start up the trail towards Gunsight Pass.

There is no official trail to the glaciers and route finding and scrambling skills would be needed to get closer to the glaciers.

If I could not walk far and fast, I think I should just explode and perish. ~ Charles Dickens

Shuttle Map