Apgar Transit Center

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Limited non stop Shuttle Service to The Loop from Apgar Center ONLY
first shuttle leaves at 9 am

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On the west side the Logan Express starts at 7:30 AM!
Express shuttle service direct from the Apgar Transit Center to Logan Pass (without intermediate stops) departs at 7:30am.
Regular service starts at 8:00 am on the west side. One the east side shuttle service starts at 7:30 AM.
Shuttle Starts July 1, 2013 and runs through September 2, 2013

Apgar Transit Shuttle Stop Info

Water Yes
Toilets Yes
Food NO
Information Yes
Trails No
Shopping No
Misc RV Parking
Other 7:30 am Hikers Express to Logan Pass

Apgar Transit Center building is a structure waiting for a use. As the central dispatch station for Glacier Parks shuttle system it serves that purpose admirably otherwise there is a great deal of unused space. Unlike St Mary Visitor Center there is a large contingent of GNP Volunteers that provide up to date information for shuttle riders. The Apgar Center also has a a parking area and bench for Jammer riders. I don't drive a RV but my guess is that the parking area set aside for RVs does fill up. I have never not been able to get a parking space at the Apgar Center for my car. I don't know if it will happen this summer with budget cutbacks but in the past the Apgar Center hosted amateur astronomers with telescopes for nighttime presentation. You will need to ask the volunteers about this when you arrive if you are interested. For 2013 the 7 Am Hikers Express has been dropped. (The 7 am hikers express generally filled up before 7 am if the weather is nice! The 7 am hikers express was non stop ~ no transfer shuttle ride from Apgar Center to Logan Pass.) At Logan Pass it meets up with the East Side Shuttle. Most riders are using it to get an early start on the HighLine Trail but some are there to transfer to the East Side Shuttle for the Gunsight Trailhead shuttle stop.

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