Scenic Point Trail Glacier National Park ~ a slow hiker's guide™


Scenic Point Trail is one the best view trails in Glacier Park.

Two Medicine Trails Trail Map

  • Scenic Point, Mount Henry Trail
  • 3.1 miles elevation gain 2,350 feet
  • No Shuttle Service
  • great view hike
  • wildlife hike
  • wildflower hike
  • Moderately Strenuous hike
  • Caution: can be Very Windy
  • Usually able to get to a good view point early in the season Not to the end of the trail

A slow hikers guide™ to Glacier National Park Wildflowers
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A slow hiker's guide™ to Glacier National Park Wildflowers

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two medicine lake glacier national park © Shawn Cogins Two Medicine Lake with Sinopah Mountain on the left, Rising Eagle Mountain on the right. One of the best views in Glacier National Park © Shawn Coggins

This is a screen shot from my iPhone taken after hiking the Scenic Point Trail in Two Medicine. This was done from GAIAGPS a very handy little program that works on iPhones and Android phones.
I'm still struggling with the 'Pause Recording' command so I have found it easier to record the return trip as it does not involve any long pauses. GAIAGPS does have a pause recording button but it is a lighter shade of blue which for my old eyes is no different from the record state. In addition I frequently forget to restart it when it is actually paused. One of the things that starts to happen when the hiker is closer to 70 then sixty. Not that my short term memory was every very good.

The program is $18.00 the maps are FREE. It does take some time to download the maps particularly when I am planning on hiking 350 miles in Glacier Park this year and another hundred on the Whitefish Trails.

GAIA Altitude Profile Scenic Point Trail descent

The hike to Scenic Point on the Mount Henry Trail is one of the best hikes in Glacier National Park. From Scenic Point on the Mount Henry Trail there are commanding views of Rising Wolf Mountain, Two Medicine Lake, Pumpelly's Pillar and Sinopah to name a few of the peaks visible from the aptly named Scenic Point. The trail starts off from a small parking area on the south side of the road to Two Medicine Lake, between Running Eagle Falls and the parking lot at Two Medicine Lake. If you miss the turn on the way on the way into Two Medicine Lake, then turn around in the parking area and look for it on the right hand side of Two Medicine Road. When you are entering Two Medicine, the road rises sharply from the parking area at Running Eagle Falls, just after the crest for this rise, on the left side of the road, is the turn out for Scenic Point / Mount Henry Trailhead. It is a dirt road with a small parking area. The trailhead is sort of hidden on the left side.

The photo above from the last switchback on the Scenic Point Trail speaks for itself. This for me is the spot.

Warning Trail frequently subject to High Winds

Mount Henry Trail starts off in a heavily wooded area, after a little more then a half mile there is a fork to the right going to Apistoki Falls, stay to the left to go to Scenic Point. Mount Henry Trail gradually leaves the woods behind and starts on it's upward journey through the widely scattered remains of gnarled, ghost trees. Shortly after leaving the woods are four switch backs. This is a start of a a half mile traverse. The venation at this point is primarily on the downhill side. There is another shorter traverse and then a series of switchbacks. The views of Two Medicine Lake shown in the photo were taken at the last switchback of the trail before Scenic Point. Beware that once you reach the basically flat ledge that it is a two thousand foot straight drop off. Unlike many trails, on the Mount Henry Trail once it leaves the woods behind the dramatic views start, intermingled with wildflowers, gnarled white pine ghost trees and colorful lichen on the rocks along the trail.

In addition to being a great view hike this trail has a wide variety of wildflowers. Good chance of seeing Big Horn sheep and Big Horn lambs in the spring. If your lucky a Red Fox.