Running Eagle Falls

  • Scenic Point, Mount Henry Trail
       0.3 miles elevation gain minus 3 feet
       No Shuttle Service
       nice view hike
       waterfall hike
       Easy Hike

Two Medicine Road to Running Eagle Falls / .3mi. Initial clearing scheduled for:Cleared and bridge installed 5/25/12
NPS Trail Crew Report 2011 Cleared and bridge installed 5/25/12

compare that to 2012 trail report

NPS Trail Crew Report 2012
Two Medicine Road to Running Eagle Falls ~ .3mi.

Running Eagle Falls Bridge: Bridge installed 8/8/11
Initial clearing scheduled for:Cleared 6/4/11
Running Eagle Falls Bridge:
8-6-11: Trail clear. Bridge not installed.
No Install scheduled
as of now due to possible high water for some time

Easy hike, the bridge to cross the creek might not be installed until August, 2011. Nice view of Running Eagle Falls and Rising Wolf Mountain. Some wildflowers. No snow on the trail or anywhere around as of 6-22-11. I biked from the Running Eagle Trail parking lot May 21, 2011, at that time there were six foot snow berms at the parking lot and Two Medicine Lake was completely frozen. The park service lists this as a handicap accesible trail. Next year when I bike to Two Medicine I'll bring my snowshoes and get some pics of Running Eagle Falls with snow all around it. This parking lot tends to fill up fast, but as the hike is so short the turnover rate is fairly high.

two medicine lake glacier national park © Shawn Cogins