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NPS Trail Crew Report 8/31/2011
Motel parking lot to jct. above Ptarmigan Falls/ 2.4 mi.
Trail CLOSED: for bear frequenting 8/30/11 per 822

TRAIL POSTED: for bear frequenting 8/17/2011
Initial clearing scheduled for:6/24/11
TRAIL has been REOPENED: 8/16/2011
TRAIL CLOSED to Tunnel: 8/10/11 for bear frequenting
. one small low angle snow patch about 1/2 mile before the lake 8/2/11,

Ptarmigan Lake Trail is not very heavily traveled once you separate from the Iceberg Lake Trail. The Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail is much more difficult but also much more spectacular. The strenuous part of Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail starts just after Ptarmigan Lake. Big horn sheep and mountain goats are fairly common near the lake. This trail, along with the Iceberg Lake Trail is frequently closed due to bear activity. So check the trail status at the Many Glacier Ranger Station.

Ptarmigan Lake Trail shares the first half of it's trail with the Iceberg Lake Trail. Iceberg Lake Trail is a heavily traveled trail with a moderate ascent, Ptarmigan Lake Trail after the split from Iceberg Lake Trail, starts going up. Eventually you arrive at Ptarmigan Lake located at the base of Ptarmigan Wall. There can be snow cover in late July on this trail.

ptarmigan lake

Ptarmigan Lake from Ptarmigan Tunnel. Bring extra water, or a water filter when hiking this trail.

There are a series of small waterfalls below Ptarmigan Lake. Ptarmigan Lake is a small lake separated from Ptarmigan Wall by a talus slope.

falls below ptarmagin lake glacier national park

2005 was for me the year of the flowers.
These flowers were taken on the Ptarmigan Lake Trail just below Ptarmigan Lake. Wildflowers on this trail are a hit or miss proposition. When conditions are just right this trail is spectacular for the last mile. Otherwise this can be a very barren rocky slope for that same mile.

blue flowers ptarmigan lake 2005 glacier national park