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The Lunar Eclipse Series will be on display at
The Walking Man during the month of May.

My work is on display in Whitefish, Montana at:

The Walking Man Frame Shop & Gallery

Rolling Mirror Massage & Wellness Center

Prints are available for all images by Shawn Coggins printed on:
watercolor paper,
glossy paper.

Please note I have two total lunar eclipse series one from October 2004 & the other from February 2008. The eclipse as a series are only available on canvas or you can buy individual prints such as the one taken below of Huckleberry Ridge from Camas Road in Glacier National Park at the start of the 2008 eclipse. I can print on watercolor paper or canvas up to 24" wide by 82" long.

Contact to purchase a print.

eclipse 2004eclipseeclipse series start of total lunar eclipse glacier park