Outdoor Gear

Good camping gear can last you a lifetime.

Good hiking boots can make your hike enjoyable. Bad hiking boots can make your life miserable.

Having a well supplied daypack can keep you warm when the weather suddenly turns to winter in July.

Be Bear Aware

The correct sleeping bag can make your nights warm and cozy. The wrong sleeping bag can keep you up all night trying to stay warm.

A good camping tent can keep you warm and dry. Tents that leak can leave you huddled in your rain gear inside your leaking tent.

Stumbling around after dark in a strange campground trying to locate the latrine without a headlamp is a good way to get hurt.

Just as your camping gear can last a lifetime, so can a beautiful Glacier National Park print. Most of the images on this site can be ordered on watercolor paper or canvas up to 24 inch x 24 inch. The panoramic photos can be up to 24 inch x 89 inch. Surround yourself with beauty to help decrease the stress of the modern world.



"There was a time when I had thought that a mountain pass was a depression. It is not. A mountain pass is a place where the impossible becomes barely possible. It is a place where wild game has, after much striving, discovered that it may get from one mountain valley to another. Along these game trails men have built new paths. Again and again we rode through long green valleys, the trail slowly rising until it had left timber far below. Then at last we confronted a great rock wall, a seemingly impassable barrier. Up this, by infinite windings, back and forward went the trail. At the top was the pass."

Mary Roberts Rhinehart


East Side Spring
The photo of the mountains below was taken in April of 2006. The winter of 2005 - 2006 was a light snow year.

fawn polebridge