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Two Medicine North Shore Trail

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Numerous creek crossings on wet unstable rocks. Bring water shoes if you don't want to tiptoe across the rocks. Water depth varied up to 8 inches or so on some crossings. I was able with poles to get across on the wet rocks.
Your mileage may vary! This trail is primarily a connecting trail of various other trails in the Two Medicine Valley. The more extreme being Dawson Pass, the easiest Twin Falls and Upper Two Medicine Lake. This trail also intersect with a connecting stub trail to the far side boat dock.

Return trips are half fare ~ check boat schedule before leaving!

Trail sign on right ~ This is the starting point of the Dawson - Pitamakan Pass Trail 18.8 miles 2,450 feet elevation gain. Take a left to Dawson Pass, take a right to Pitamakan Pass. I'm told the easier route is to the right.
Pitamakan Pass Trail is on the top of my list to hike in 2014.
This page is for the North Shore Trail ~ notice that it is not one of the options on the trail sign. One of the quirks in Glacier Park is that sometimes the trail signs DO NOT correspond with the parks Day Hike Guide. So the segment of the trail that starts at Pray Lake and then follows along the North Shore of Two Medicine Lake is known as both the Dawson Pass Trail and the North Shore Trail. If your going to Dawson Pass then you had better know what you are doing, while the North Shore Trail segment is basically a stroll along the lake. This segment is 3 miles long and has about 50 feet of elevation gain. As with almost all trails you will have hiked up more then 50 feet before reaching the end of the trail. This is a very concentrated bear and moose trail. the first time that I hiked it ~ June 8, 2013 ~ there was bear and moose scat from one end of the trail to the other. None of it fresh!

north shore trail sign ©shawn coggins

There are a few view points on this trail but it is mainly a connecting trail for a diverse number of hikes. From Two Medicine Campground it is the shortest route to Dawson Pass or Twin Falls. One hike is very strenuous the other a stroll in the park.

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