Google™ Map of Piegan Pass Trail, Piegan Glacier & Siyeh Glacier. To understand this view it's better to start in Map, then switch to Hybrid. You can pick up the Piegan Pass Trail from the Siyeh Bend Parking/Shuttle Stop. This first part of the trail is the Siyeh Bend Cut Off Trail, which then joins up with the Piegan Pass Trail. I have three web pages for the Piegan Pass Trail. The Google™ Map Page for the Piegan Pass Trail you can see the trail from way above the sky, I also have a topo map page of the Piegan Pass Trail that you can use to compare to different aspects of viewing this trail. The third page has photographs taken from the Piegan Pass Trail. Photographs taken in the early 1900's of this trail show a much more barren view. From Preston Park to the pass there was no vegetation at all. Note: The Browser Refresh Button brings you back to were you started. Don't you wish that hiking could be so easy. You will need to zoom out to see Siyeh Bend. The Hybrid map works best for me! If you don't see a map then your using an old version of Internet Explorer. Try Firefox!

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