Google™ Map of Logging Lake, Glacier National Park is in green, western border of the park is the North Fork of the Flathead River. The light gray line just above Google's Logo is the North Fork Road. Logging Lake Trail is one of the hidden gems in Glacier National Park. Note: The Browser Refresh Button brings you back to were you started. Don't you wish that hiking could be so easy. As you enlarge the map, trail names become visible. To understand this view it's best to start in Terrain to get place names then Hybrid for a birds eye view of the park. This map shows a classic condition between real time, the Hybrid View and static the Terrain View. The Terrain View is based on the USGS Topo Maps of the area which were updated in the mid 1960's. Glacier Park is changing with the fading of the glaciers, the terrain view shows two small lakes above Logging Lake which the hybrid view now shows as forest. I only got to the base of Logging Lake in the fall of 2007 so it will be sometime before I can do an on-site comparison. Logging Lake Trail is relatively easy, I rated it as moderate as it is 10 miles round trip to the base of the lake. Great views from Logging Lake. If you don't see a map then your using an old version of Internet Explorer. Try Firefox!

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