Google™ Map of Hidden Lake Trail & Sperry Glacier. To understand this view it's better to start in Map, then switch to Hybrid. Hidden Lake Overlook Trail from the Logan Pass Parking/Shuttle Stop. You will have to zoom out to see Sperry Glacier. Hidden Lake Overlook Trail is an easy hike, unless you have problems with starting your hike at 6,600 feet. This is one of the busiest trails in Glacier National Park. Even in July you can encounter deep snow on this trail, just because it's 80° when you started out the day at West Glacier doesn't mean that it won't still be winter on this trail in July. Logan Pass is a very popular xc skiing spot in early July. Continue past the deck at the overlook if you want to get away from the crowds and get a different view of Hidden Lake. Note: The Browser Refresh Button brings you back to were you started. Don't you wish that hiking could be so easy. You will need to zoom out to see Sperry Glacier. The Hybrid map works best for me! If you don't see a map then your using an old version of Internet Explorer. Try Firefox!

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