Google™ Map of Grinnell, Salamander and Gem Glaciers. To understand this view it's better to start in Map, then switch to Hybrid. Gem Glacier is the one in Map view with Glacier National Park in the small oval. Upper Grinnell Lake in the Map view is based on the 1968 Topo Map & is much smaller then it actually is in the Hybrid view. Grinnell Lake is finally properly labeled in the Google™ Map. Note: The Browser Refresh Button brings you back to were you started. Don't you wish that hiking could be so easy. As you enlarge the map, trail names become visible. Hybrid works best for me! Google™ updated the image and text overlay for Grinnell Glacier and the view in Hybrid is spectacular. Based on the amount of open water in Upper Grinnell Lake this satellite image is from late summer. If you don't see a map then your using an old version of Internet Explorer. Try Firefox!

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