Google™ Map of Avalanche Lake Trail. Avalanche Lake Trail is a crowded hike through rolling hills with great views when you get to Avalanche Lake. The hike starts with the Trail of the Cedars, if you take the board walk you will go past Avalanche Gorge. Trail of the Cedars is flat, Avalanche Lake Trail starts to ascend as soon as you leave Trail of the Cedars. Total gain between the boardwalk and Avalanche lake is 500 feet. Actual altitude change on the rolling trail is closer to 1,000 feet. Note that in the terrain view Avalanche Lake appears as dry ground, granted it's pretty shallow but it's not dry. This view gives you a very good feeling for scale. Going to the Sun Road shows in the upper left corner of the map. Avalanche Lake is in the middle of the map at the bottom. It is two miles from were the trail starts on Going to the Sun Road to the Avalanche Lake. At this zoom level in Hybrid mode you can clearly see Avalanche Creek & the trail follows the creek. In the upper right hand corner of this map is Hidden Lake. When I can locate the two topo maps that cover these lakes I'll post what the difference in height is between Avalanche Lake & Hidden Lake. Note: The Browser Refresh Button brings you back to were you started. Don't you wish that hiking could be so easy. You can zoom in closer in Hybrid Mode then you can in Terrain Mode. If you don't see a map then your using an old version of Internet Explorer. Try Firefox!

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