Day Hikes CutBank ~ a slow hiker's guide™


Cut Bank Campground is ALWAYS in Primiitve Status

Cut Bank Campground and Triple Divide Pass Trailhead are located at the end of a dirt road off of US Highway 49 between St Mary and East Glacier

Primiitve Status means there is NO drinking water available. Either bring your own water supply or bring a water filter.

While not as remote as the North Fork area of Glacier National Park, CutBank is usually much less crowded.

The trailhead parking area for Triple Divide Pass Trail is frequently full. For those spending the night at Cut Bank Campground there is parking at each campsite.

Triple Divide Pass Trail starts at Atlantic Falls backcountry camground. The hike to Atlantic Falls is a classic rolling trail from the Cutbank Trailhead. Little in the way of views until after starting up the Triple Divide Pass Trail.