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Two Medicine Trails Trail Map

Cobalt Lake Trail

  • Cobalt Lake Trail South Shore Trailhead
  • 11.4 miles (round trip) elevation gain 1,400 feet
    GNP park info is accurate but misleading
    from Rockwell Falls it's 2.3 miles to Cobalt Lake
    with a gain of 1,025 feet
    Moderately Strenuous hike

There are two ways to get to Cobalt Lake one by way of the South Shore Trailhead located just past the boat dock for Two Medicine. The second is to take the boat to the end of the lake and then hike back to Rockwell Falls. The second way has more elevation gain but is more scenic if the trail has recently been cleared of underbrush. Both routes come together about 3/4 of a mile before Rockwell Falls. The vast majority of the elevation gain for either way starts at Rockwell Falls. About a 1/3 of a mile after the last switch backs above Rockwell Falls the trail gets closer to the creek and there is a lot of flat rock. It is easy to lose track of the trail! This would be a good hike to bring a topo map and compass and or a GPS with GNP Trail map loaded. You can not see Cobalt Lake until you are almost on top of it. Remember anything that holds water in Montana is called a lake on the east coast this would be a pond. There was still patches of snow on the far side of the lake when I was there in early September of 2012. In late July of 2005 there was a good size snow drift on the far side of the lake. I haven't made it to Two Medicine Pass but have been told that it is one of the more spectacular views in Glacier Park. I'm hoping I have the time and energy to hike to the top of the trail over looking Cobalt Lake this summer late August. For me one of the primary parts of this is to camp at Two Medicine in the past it has either been a three hour drive from home or last year a little over an hour from Rising Sun Campground.

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One of the side benefits of the Cobalt Lake Trail is Rockwell Falls. Hope to add that page sometime during the first week in August. After over ten years of shwing Rockwell Falls as a day hiker in Glacier National Parks Day Hike Guide this year 2015 a trail sign at Rockwell Falls has finally been added. Photo at bottom of page show why I prefer taking the trail from the far side boat dock. The the trailhead at Two Medicine Parking lot there is no views of the lake or mountains. There are often views of moose. The photo of the blue grouse was taken shortly after leaving Rockwell Falls. Most hikers never see grouse as they will stand motionless alongside the trail as you hike within inches of them.

cobalt lake
 glacier national park, Montana © Shawn Coggins
Cobalt Lake Alitude Profile from

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blue grouse glacier national park, Montana © Shawn Coggins
two medicine lake glacier national park, Montana © Shawn Coggins