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Opening Date is always conditional on how much it snowed. Going on the current conditions as shown by the GNP webcam snow levels are below average as of 2-1-2015

Two Medicine Campground
Dates of Operation Summer 6/06/2015 - 9/29/2015
Dates of Operation Primitive 9/29/2015 - 10/31/2015
Number of Sites 99*
Flush Toilets Yes
Showers No
Disposal Station Yes
Reservations No
Elevation 5,180 feet

*13 sites will accommodate up to a 32 foot RV or truck and trailer combination.

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pray lake


As of April 14, 2014 Two Medicine has over 4 and 1/2 feet of snow on the ground. Hopefully the Two Medicine web cam will stay on-line this spring so I can monitor snow melt and enjoy some of the best views in GNP.

In early June of 2013 I spent two nights camping at Two Medicine this is a great campground, fantastic views and hikes.
The photo above was taken near the boat dock for Two Medicine Lake. Lots of water, lots of mountain trails, lots of wildflowers, and views plus a nice boat ride. Daylight, not sunrise in early June is at 5 AM, sunrise at 6 AM. The Lake McDonald area wakes up first in the spring, not day light but with facilities, then Two Medicine. If you are coming from the west it is faster to take RT 2 to East Glacier then under the railroad tracks and up Hwy 49 to the turn off for Two Medicine.
Be sure and take the very short time needed to see Running Eagle Falls. The plank bridge was in for the 2013 season in June not sure if that will be the case in 2014.
Two Medicine is world famous for high winds! There are more view campsites in Two Medicine then any other campground in GNP. Two Medicine is a hiking center for GNP with one of my favorite hikes in Glacier Park the Mt Henry Trail aka The Scenic Point Trail. Hikers on this trail need to be aware of high winds that can start as soon as you leave the forested part of the trail. Two Medicine Pass Trail is now on my list of must do hikes between the waterfalls, wildflowers, wildlife and world class views. Hikers on this trail need to be aware of high winds when you start to go above Cobalt Lake.

The back-country permit office is located at the start of the entrance road for the campground. Glacier Parks web-cam for the Two Medicine area was moved back to the entry road for the campground to provide a more reliable base of operations. Last year it worked almost the entire winter until March 7, 2013. During 2014 the web cam was out of operation for most of the winter. If you look closely at the web-cam foreground there is a dumpster on the left, a driveway then a tree to the right of the tree is a white plastic pole which has red tape marking the depth of the snow during the winter. (you would need Photoshop to tell) The trash can on the low side is 4 feet 3 inches. This campground unlike Many Glacier is removed from the hustle and bustle of the main parking area for Two Medicine.

Pray Lake has been used as a camping area for over one hundred years in Glacier Park. The Montana Historical Society has photos from this time period. I have started the process to get permission to display some of this historical photographs.

"Before the Going-to-the-Sun Road opened for vehicle traffic, Two Medicine was an extremely popular destination for visitors. Still holding it's majestic beauty, Two Medicine is now a quiet and peaceful location in Glacier National Park, located approximately 13 miles from East Glacier. Sites are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Sites within the campground at Two Medicine are generally shaded by trees, and offer some privacy from other campers. 13 sites up to 32 feet offer RV campers the opportunity to spend time in Two Medicine. Potable water is accessible in the campground, and restroom facilities are equipped with flush toilets and sinks with running water. Be sure to join a ranger for nightly evening programs at the amphitheater within the campground. Please see our ranger guided activity schedule for more information. Located on the shore of Two Medicine Lake stands what used to be the Two Medicine Chalet built by the Great Northern Railway. It now serves as a camp store and gift shop, and is a registered historic landmark. Boat tours and Red Bus tours can be found at Two Medicine. A fee-based shuttle service with Glacier Park Inc. is also available here to connect you to east side destinations. There are numerous day hiking opportunities available, including a handicap accessible trail to Running Eagle Falls. Wildlife enthusiasts will want to have their binoculars handy in Two Medicine. Sites are on a first-come, first-serve basis." info from wikipedia
Primitive camping is available. The fee for primitive camping is $10.00 per night. During primitive camping season there is no water available and campers are advised to bring their own drinking water.

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