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2015 Campground Schedule for Bowman Lake

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Dates of Operation Summer 5/22/2015 - 9/15/2015
Summer Fee $15.00 / night
Dates of Operation Primative

9/15/2015 - 10/31/2015

Dates of Operation Winter

10/31/2015 - 11/23/2015 -

Primitive Fee $10.00 / night Winter Fee Zero / night
Number of Sites 48*
Flush Toilets No
Showers No
Disposal Station No
Reservations No
Elevation 4,039 feet

*RVs and truck and trailer combinations are not recommended

Bowman and Kintla Lakes thanks to their remote locations tucked away in the NorthWest corner of Glacier Park up against the Canadian border are generally peacefull camping locations.
Motorized boats are permitted on Bowman Lake. With a motor up to 5 hp. Motorized boats are prohibited on Kintla Lake. Both lakes can be VERY Windy!

Primitive and Winter Camping Means No Water ~ most likely below freezing night time temperatures for Primitive, while Winter might be below freezing 24 hours a day. ~ Bring your own water or water filter.

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Bowman Lake has a very active deer population.

"Bowman Lake campground is located in the North Fork area of Glacier National Park approximately 32.5 miles from the west entrance, and 30 miles from the Canadian border.

The drive to Bowman Lake is a very slow, dusty, and bumpy ride on dirt roads, and passes through the tiny community of Polebridge and sections of the park that notably burned in 1988."

The above information from GNP leaves out several major and more recent forest fires. The Roberts Fire of 2003 being the largest one in GNP history. The road from Polebridge to Bowman Lake is narrow, it is NOT a two lane road. Bowman & Kintla Campgrounds are the ONLY campgrounds in GNP were you are not only allowed to gather dead and down firewood but encouraged to do so.

Motor boats with up to 5 hp motors are allowed on Bowman Lake. No power boats are allowed on Kintla Lake. Beware both lakes are famous for sudden high winds sweeping across the lakes.

Polebridge is world famous for it's July 4th parade and barbecue, sadly participation by GNP is a shadow of its former self.

Bowman Lake Campground