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Beaver Pond Trail

  • Beaver Pond Trail
       1.2 miles elevation gain 200 feet to Beaver Pond
       3 miles elevation gain 200 feet as Loop Trail connecting to Red Eagle Trail on return
       No Shuttle Service
       Scenic hike, Easy Hike
Beaver Pond trail sign

NPS Trail crew reports Trail clear of snow and no trees down. 6/2/2012
NPS Trail crew reports
1913 Ranger Station to Red Eagle Trail / 1.2 mi. Initial clearing scheduled for: Cleared 4/24/12 30% snow cover

NPS Trail crew reports that the Beaver Pond Trail is "clear with a few wet spots. 5/31/11

The start of this trail is off the beaten path in Glacier National Park. Enter Glacier National Park from the east side at St Mary, and after crossing the small bridge, but before going through the entrance station take the paved road on the left. Once on this road stay to the right to the parking area at the trailhead for Red Eagle Trail and the 1913 Ranger Station. Beaver Pond Trail starts at the 1913 Ranger Station, the Red Eagle Trail starts nearer to the shore of St Mary Lake. From the parking area follow the signs to the 1913 Ranger Station. The Park Service is in the process of installing new trail map at the start of the trail. (7-1-10) The Beaver Pond Trail starts behind the Ranger Station. The Beaver Pond Trail goes through a thick underbrush of cow parsnip. Beware cow parsnip can cause skin rashes from brushing against the large leaves with exposed skin. Beaver Pond Trail alternates between heavily wooded areas and small wildflower glades before reaching the Beaver Pond. After the Beaver Pond the trail eventually intersects with the Red Eagle Trail at this point the only trail sign points back to the 1913 Ranger Station, to complete the Beaver Pond Loop take a right at the trail intersection. As of July 1, 2010 the wildflowers fill the various meadows. Should be several more weeks of blooms on this trail. The easiest, best wildflower trail in Glacier National Park, with dramatic views of the surrounding mountains.

Beaver Pond Loop is on my list of hikes to do next in 2011 along with the Apikuni Falls Trail. The next sunny day this month I'm headed east. (6-9-11)

Field Chickweed 
Cerastium arvense Glacier national park www.glacierhikers.com© Shawn Coggins

Field Chickweed (Starry Grasswort) Cerastium arvense

wild blue flax Glacier national park www.glacierhikers.com © Shawn Coggins

The Beaver Pond Trail in late spring and early summer has a diverse selection of wildflowers. The mountains surrounding St Mary Lake are visible from some of the small wildflower glades, the further you hike the more the meadows up to the mountains. Beaver Pond Trail also serves as a snowshoe and xc ski trail during the winter months. Photo below of the outbuilding at the 1913 ranger station for Glacier National Park. Beaver Pond Trail is one of the easiest nice hikes in the park. In addition to being an easy hike in late spring and early summer it is the best wildflower hike that I have found in Glacier National Park. When other trails are covered in ten feet of snow, this trail is cloaked in a large variety of wildflowers.

glacier national park 1913 ranger station outbuilding www.glacierhikers.com © shawn coggins

Beaver Pond Trail dries out early, except near the Beaver Pond with a wide variety of wildflowers. Beaver Pond Trail has now been added to my list of trails that I want to do every year. Potentially a great wildflower hike, also commanding views of the east side of Glacier National Park. Good early season conditioning hike

mountain bog gentian

The abundance, or conversely the absence of wildflowers on the Beaver Pond Trail is subject to the whims of rain, snow, sunshine and drought. 2010 has the potential to be a great wildflower year if the sun will ever start shining, 2008 and 2005 were great wildflower years.

spotted saxifragejacob's ladder glacier park © SHawn Coggins www.glacierhikers.com