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For Montana an essentially flat trail through the woods till you start on the actual Aster Park Trail, at that point the trail goes UP. This trail has 300 feet more elevation gain then the Rockwell Falls Trail which is another mile and half past the turn off for Aster Park. The South Shore Trail starts just past the boat dock at the Two Medicine Parking lot. Sinopah is visible from then parking area for Two Medicine before you start on the trail. The Aster Park Trail is a short stub trail off of the main South Shore Trail. The stub trail in parts is the closet trail in Glacier Park to being a scramble in a few places an not a maintained trail. That was eight years ago and I haven't been back but will make an effort during hiking season of 2014 to get up there and do a panorama of the north shore of Two Medicine Lake. Very, very slim chance that I might be able to make it this year since Glacier Park has re-opened. The web cam shows snow in a large part of the Two Medicine area. (10/18/2013)

Flincsh Peak, which forms the northern shore of Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park, from Aster Park July 2005. This is an easy hike with spectacular views. The Aster Park Trail with commanding views of Rising Wolf Mountain, Flinsch Peak and Two Medicine Lake, plus the added bonus of several waterfalls is one of the easiest and best hikes in Glacier National Park. Not usually crowded. As long as you don't look towards Two Medicine Campground you can get the feeling of wilderness. The trail starts from behind the Two Medicine Boat House. The South Shore Trailhead and related trails starts at this location, this can be a very active wildlife trail. Encountered the biggest bull moose I've ever seen on this trail. The Aster Park Trail is one of the 'hidden gems' in Glacier Park. A short easy trail with spectacular views, and a multitude of waterfalls.

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Flinsch Peak  Glacier National Park, Montana © Shawn Coggins

There are several waterfalls on side trails from the Aster Park Trail. The branch trails to the waterfalls are very short. In the Two Medicine Area this is the easiest hike with tremendous vistas of Two Medicine Lake, Flinsch Peak & Rising Wolf Mountain. The view of Rising Wolf Mountain is justification enough for this hike. Please note that I used a tripod and a large telephoto lens to get the shot of Flinsch Peak. Aster Park is on the South Shore of Two Medicine Lake, Rising Wolf Mountain (not shown) is on the North Shore. The waterfall shown below was shot with a wide angle lens as I was only a few feet from the base of the waterfall. Trail starts just after the boathouse on Two Medicine Lake. Dawson Pass Trail goes along the base of Rising Wolf Mountain along the northern shore of Two Medicine Lake. The Two Medicine Area is home to bighorn sheep, moose, bears, wolves and other wildlife. Recent studies have shown that the Two Medicine bighorn sheep are genetically different then the Many Glacier bighorn sheep. So far I haven't seen any of the Two Medicine bighorn sheep. (previous statement was written in 2005, since then, especially while hiking the Scenic Point Trail I have seen lots of Big Horns, rams, ewes and lambs) Unlike many of the trails in the Two Medicine area, Aster Park Trail tends to open up early in the season even in years of heavy snowfall.

Aster Falls, Glacier National Park, Montana © Shawn Coggins